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Special ceramics silicate crystal structure

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In silicate compound, the basic unit is the silicon oxygen tetrahedron structure. Tetrahedron four top oxygen ions in different ways with other silicon oxygen tetrahedron link can get different silicate compound, formed special ceramics silicate crystal structure. Generally can be divided into the following kinds.

1, island structure.

Exists in the form of two kinds of silicate ions, from other metal ions to link between each other, is an island.

2, the structure of the ring.

Silicate ion mutual links form a closed loop, can be divided into three sides, four sides, six Fang Huan.

3, the structure of the chain.

Single and double chain. Fire of single mineral oil: dense pyroxene, spodumene, etc. Double chain important mineral oil tremolite.

4, the layered structure.

Every silicate ions and the adjacent three silicon oxygen tetrahedron is linked together, form a two-dimensional space infinity layer.

5, frame structure.

Each silicate ion is combined with four neighbouring oxygen tetrahedron silicate, form a three-dimensional space unlimited stretch of skeleton.


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