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  S-SiC is a new generation of high technology ceramics, with high hardness, high strength, high acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other excellent characteristics. It can be widely used in aerospace, aviation, military defense, precision machinery manufacturing, automobile, IT, petrochemical, nuclear energy and other fields. And because of its light weight, high hardness, high temperature resistant, high impact resistance, makes S-Sic ideal to be used in bullet-proof plate, rocket nozzles and other military field. Field application results show that over the past few years, various properties of S-SiC transcend other engineering ceramics such as alumina, tungsten carbide, and reactive bond silicon carbide, which proves that S-SIC is capable of direct replacement in various applications of those engineering ceramics.

  Zhengzhou Huashuo advanced ceramics Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of pressureless sintering silicon carbide (S-Sic) material products. Our company majorly undertakes the research & development, production, and sales of the S-SIC products. We have successfully resolved the purification and industrialized production technology of high purity sub-micron silicon carbide powder, High density silicon carbide blank forming technology, and pressureless sintering and precision machining technology of high density silicon carbide products which meet or exceed the international advanced level, we have achieved fully localized procurement in the raw materials, additives, and equipments, which gives Huashuo a strong cost advantage. 

  The main products of the company include the O-ring standard series and DIN2424960 standard series mechanical seal ring, including flat ring, brake ring, static ring, slot ring, rings with groove in two steps, shaft, shaft sleeve, all kinds of cutting edge, cutting corner, slotting, corner punching, multi-step shaped ring, nozzle, bulletproof vest and other special-shaped products and non standard parts. the company’s products are exported to North America, Europe and Asia.