S-SiC is a new generation of high technology ceramics, with high hardness, high strength, high acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other excellent characteristics. It can be widely used in aerospace, aviation, military defense, precision machinery manufacturing, automobile, IT, petrochemical, nuclear energy and other fields. And because of its light weight, high hardness, high temperature resistant, high impact resistance, makes S-Sic ideal to be used in bullet-proof plate, rocket nozzles and other military field. Field application results show that over the past few years, various properties of S-SiC transcend other engineering ceramics such as alumina, tungsten carbide, and reactive bond silicon carbide, which proves that S-SIC is capable of direct replacement in various applications of those engineering ceramics...[MORE]

Molding Workshop
Our company has various types of automatic, semi-automatic, pressing machines。 Automatic CNC machining center, and all kinds of milling machine, lathe, which can meet the needs of mass molding and soft processing production capacity.
Sinter Plant
With international advanced sintering technology and equipments, Zhengzhou Huashuo Advanced Ceramics' sintering capacity is able to meet industrialized mass production.
Finishing Workshop
Our company has a variety of finishing equipment, which makes us capable of processing a variety of high precision standard/non-standard parts with different specifications, and sizes...[MORE]

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