Shanghai Huashuo Advanced Ceramics Co.,Ltd. (Huashuo) is specialized in production of advanced ceramic materials—Pressureless Sintering SIC(S-SIC)precise products. Huashuo, established in 2001, has always been committed to research, development and production of S-SIC, which within the scope of Chinese mainland takes the lead in solving different key technology problems, overcomes all kinds of difficulties, and sucessfully puts it into the large-scale industrial process.

Mastering the core technology and independent intellectual property rights, the company has broken the blockade, won the quick breakthrough in the field of new high-tech materials against the other countries. Through more than ten years of professional researching experience, persistence, worldwide communication and cooperation in the field of high-tech new materials, we are able to provide the best, safest and the most sophisticated craft and related services all the time to meet the needs of customers, and have won a good reputation and credibility.

You can learn more about Huashuo in the followings:

First, historical development:

Shanghai Huashuo Advanced Ceramics Co.,Ltd. set up in May 2001, whose predecessor is Zhengzhou Huashuo Advanced Ceramics Co.,Ltd. For long-term development, the company moved into Songjiang District , Shanghai from Zhengzhou High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Henan Province in the end of 2016.

Second, super product performance:

S-SiC, as high-tech ceramic material, has the following essential characteristics:

•Heat Resistance- Normally it could be used under 1800 degrees centigrade;

•High Hardness- Its hardness index is only second to diamond and cubic boron nitride at the moment;

•Corrosion Resistance- Strong acid, alkali will have not any corrosion on it. Its corrosion resistance is better than tungsten carbide and alumina;

•Light Weight- The density is close to aluminum;

•Thermal Shock- The material can withstand rapid changes in temperature, thermal shock, and keep stable performance.

These excellent properties determine that S-SiC is capable of direct replacement in various applications. Especially in the aerospace, defense construction, nuclear energy and other high-end manufacturing, it has irreplaceable effection. In the other fields like the shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, IT, petrochemical, metallurgical etc., it has wide range of applications as well.

Third, patent achievements, product certifications:

The company in the high-purity submicron grade silicon carbide powder purification and industrialization of production technology, high-density green body forming technology, high-purity silicon carbide products atmospheric pressure sintering technology and atmospheric sintering of silicon carbide precision machining technology has reached and exceed the international level.

The company won the 2006 National Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund and was included in the National Torch Plan. At present, it has obtained five national invention patents for atmospheric pressure sintered silicon carbide production technology, seven design and utility model patents.

Certification:The main products of the company include high-end special ceramic products widely used in many high-end manufacturing industries such as aerospace, national defense construction, nuclear energy, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, IT, petrochemical and metallurgy,etc., and have passed the quality control of GB/T19001-IS09001:2008 System Certification.

Huashuo has always followed the sustainable development principles in an effort to achieve the coordinated development of population, resources and environment. The company is the first enterprise in the field of industrial ceramics to obtain the international certification of NSF food safety certification by the National Sanitation Foundation. It reaches food grade of eco-friendly feature.

Our products have been exported to more than ten countries and regions like Europe,North America , Southeast Asia, and even some related industrial giants. Huashuo becomes the largest high-tech manufacturing enterprise of the domestic specializing in the production of atmospheric pressure sintered silicon carbide special ceramic materials, and now occupies influential positions in both government and civil society.

The company's policy is aiming at the world's advanced technology, providing first-class products and premium services. With long-term research on new ceramic applications and high-tech ceramic applications design concept at home and abroad, the company constantly enriches the experience for the development of various inorganic non-metallic materials so that we are capable of solving technology problems.



Ceramic materials from Huashuo are engineered for strength, thermal shock resistance, creep resistance, chemical compatibility, dimensional stability and minimal mass, ensuring maximum productivity and longer life. 



Advanced silicon carbide materials offer excellent shape stability, thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, defined flatness and surface finish for the automotive market. 


Thermal Processing

Silicon carbide significantly enhances heat release into your furnace.


Defense & Security

High-performance, lightweight ceramic materials from Huashuo provide superior ballistic protection for military personnel, vehicles, aircraft & helicopters.


Mechanical Sealing

Sic product is extremely hard, lightweight and low in porosity. The material can be formed into complex shapes with greater than 98% theoretical density. Sic products made by Huashuo are highly resistant to corrosion, erosion, sliding wear, high temperature and thermo shocks.<< /p>



Sintered silicon carbide is produced by sintering submicron silicon carbide powder. The sintering process results in a self-bonded, fine grain (less than 10μm) SiC product that is extremely hard, lightweight and low in porosity. Outstanding shapeability and resistance to corrosion, erosion, high temperature and thermal shock are other key benefits.